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Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment via credit/debit cards and Rowanwood Naturals Gift cards. (NOTE: as of 5/23/2022 we are no longer accepting Paypal. We apologize for any inconvenience)

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes we do! click on "gift card" in the navigation menu and enter any amount from $1-$500 in the dollar amount field!

Are your products safe for Children?

We do not sell anything specifically for children, though many of our products can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, please be aware that some of the essential oils we use in our products are NEVER safe to use on children, and others cannot be used by babies, toddlers, or children under a certain age. We will always include the names of oils used in any of our recipes and the appropriate minimum age to use the product, however we cannot be held responsible for the improper use of an essential oil containing product on a child and any injuries resulting from that. We never want any child to suffer needlessly, so if you ever have questions about the essential oils or other ingredients used in our soaps, feel free to reach out so we can help you find the ideal product for your needs!

Do you do bulk orders?

Yes we do! As bulk orders are custom made to order, you will need to allow 6-8 weeks to allow for curing of the soaps so that they are ready for use when you receive them. Contact us at for inquiries on bulk orders and custom recipes!

What is your return policy?

As our products are skincare/personal care items, we cannot accept returned merchandise. However, should you have any issues with one of our products, please contact us so that we may resolve the issue for you!

Do you use any synthetic colors or fragrances?

All of our soaps are made with natural essential oils, we do not use fragrance oils or other synthetic scents. Any and all colors achieved in our soaps are made with powdered/ground natural colorants or a color that is naturally occurring in an ingredient. For example, making a soap with coffee or cocoa powder will turn soap a chocolatey brown while carrot juice makes a golden yellow to orange, etc.

I have extremely sensitive skin/ allergies and I'm worried about possible reactions, are your soaps safe for me??

Although we cannot guarantee your skin will never react to our soaps, we here at Rowanwood also have very sensitive skin- that's how we got our start! If at anytime you are concerned about ingredients, please contact us and we will provide any information we can about our ingredients. We can even customize a recipe to avoid certain ingredients for you!

What is your shipping policy?

What are "imperfect" soaps?

We do everything we can here to waste as little as possible. Sometimes a batch comes out perfectly safe to use, but doesn't meet our high standards for appearance. In these cases, the soaps are labeled "imperfect" and sold at a slight discount. They are just as luxurious and smell just as delicious as any of our other soaps.

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How long do natural soaps last?

Due to the lack of synthetic preservatives, natural soaps will not stay good indefinitely. However, you can typically expect our soaps to last at LEAST 6-12 months on the shelf, quite likely longer, especially if stored away from light, heat and humidity! In other words, it's best NOT to store them in the bathroom unless you can ensure they wont get too hot or damp from humidity. A well made soap stored correctly could still be good even years later! If you're ever not sure- smell it! Soaps that have gone bad smell like rancid oil and will likely have spots. It's still safe to use, but it may smell funky.

What eco-conscious steps are you taking?

Here at Rowanwood Naturals, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We NEVER use unsustainable palm oil. We package all of our soaps in biodegradeable wrappers and use recycleable gift wrapping! We sell soap acccessories that are made with as much sustainable materials as possible, always trying to avoid plastic. Shipping materials that we receive in our own purchases are reused in our shipping of soaps as much as possible. If we must use plastic, we try to give it as many lives as possible. We purchase our essential oils from another sustainably focused company that packages those oils in glass jars. 

Help! I just started using shampoo bars and my hair is even oilier than before! What gives??

Synthetic detergents, no matter how gentle they may be for on your hair, strip a great deal of natural oils from your scalp. In response to this, your scalp produces more oil, which typically results in the hair needing to be washed every 1-2 days.

Due to the body becoming used to the need for so much oil, there is typically an adjustment period while your scalp gets used to not needing so much oil. Some folks even find they don't need to condition their hair after, some do. 

Natural soaps do cleanse and remove the oils from your scalp, but because of the superfat (or "extra" oils) in these soaps, they strip less oils from your skin, leaving more behind and allowing your body to adjust to not needing so much oil on your scalp.

Natural soaps can also leave residue on the hair, depending on the softness or hardness of your water. Typically, this can be remedied by using an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse. we recommend this recipe for an affordable and trustworthy source-YOU!

Our handling time is 1-3 business days (Monday- Friday). We will ship anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $9 with a purchase up to $49.99, Orders over $50 receive FREE shipping. All packages are shipped priority mail. This means that regardless of the weight of your order, you only ever pay $9 for shipping and you will receive your order approximately 3 days after It is shipped out! Please note: We use priority mail so that you can enjoy your natural soaps as fast as possible. However, once a package is in the hands of USPS, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date as USPS delays could affect the delivery date. However, you will always receive a tracking number so you can follow up with USPS should your package be delayed in transit.

We also offer local pickup for those living near our home base in Concord NH!

Why can't I smell the soap scent on my skin after I wash it off?

Natural soaps cannot impart a lasting scent on the skin as it is a wash off product. Lasting scents that you obtain from synthetic detergents are caused by synthetic ingredients in the product. While our soaps smell and feel luxurious, the clean feel and gentleness are what will stick with you, not so much the scent.

HELP! My soap bar seems to be melting away!

Natural soaps can last a very long time- IF they are allowed to completely dry out between each use. If they are allowed to stay wet, they will become soft and mushy as they absorb water. Make sure to store them on a wire shower rack or slotted soap dish that allows them to dry out and your bar will stay firm enough for use for a long time! (The actual length of time a bar lasts depends on how often it's used.)

How can soaps made with Lye be natural or safe? Lye is a chemical!

The ONLY way to make real soap is by combining oils/fats and lye (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). Anything else is a synthetic detergent. The lye we use today IS lab made to ensure even measurements for safety, but lye is a naturally occurring compound. Our great great grandmothers obtained it by combining animal fats and wood ash- aka potash (which contains the potassium hydroxide). The only problem with that method is that is very difficult to ensure proper measurements, so today we use the safer version, but in the end the molecules that make it up are identical to the naturally occurring stuff.

Now, we'll let you in on a little science secret: everything is chemicals! Even water. A chemical is simply two or more different atoms combined. Lye sounds scary and dangerous because it's used as drain cleaner due to it's caustic nature. But before you panic and run we have good news! There is ZERO lye leftover in a finished soap. Yes, really! How can that be?? Think of it like baking: You wouldn't eat raw eggs (ok, most of us wouldn't!) but we put raw eggs in cake batter. Once you bake, you have an entirely new substance- cake! You know that you put flour and sugar and eggs, etc. and mixed it all together, but during baking a chemical reaction occurs and those substances combine to create cake! Making soap is the same: we combine those ingredients and during the process those ingredients chemically react with each other to form a new material- Soap! So while we must use lye to make a natural soap, you as the customer will not come in contact with lye in our products.

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